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Rita Keldani has managed to win the main event of the renowned poker festival that is the 2021 card player poker tour palm beach kennel club series. However, out of 298 total entries, she was the only one who maintained her winning streak and won with the final stroke. The final pool of prizes was $91,050 after the $25k guarantee being blown away. Kelani won the title and got the largest of the shares amongst the rest. She also secured the 13th position in the early standings of the 2021 tournament organized by global poker. In accumulation to the pinnacle grant, the Delray Beach native became additionally presented 182 card player of the year. 

In general, a total of 998 entries had been made throughout the 8 activities of this Card player poker collection at this poker room series with $177,205 as general prize cash paid out alongside the scenario of extra payout. The collection-finishing major occasion kicked off with the primary of beginning days on the 8th of January at exact 12:15 p.m. of the neighborhood time. Every unmarried occasion on the agenda highlighted a guarantee and also which includes all 8 being without problems exceeded because of massive turnouts.

However, day 1 was started on an equal time on a subsequent day. The flights estimated involved 298 general entries and with every single participant starting with 20k in chips and also the blinds approximately observing 100-100 situations. However, by the time the 2 beginning flights are entirely concluded then simply 36 gamers would be remained with a chance to have a hand on the title. Moreover, the second winner took home the prize of $14,605 and secured around 152 POY points. 

Rita Keldani won the 2021 series of card tours

Let’s have a look at some of the player’s statistics and their earnings with POY points

  1. William Pappas earned a sum of $9,800 with 122 POY points.
  2. Richard Shoemaker made earnings of $7230 and secured 91 POY points.
  3. Bryan Hunter managed a sum of $5425 and further managed 76 POY points.
  4. With earnings of $4130, Tyler Carswell got a total of 61 POY points.
  5. Securing 46 POY points, Jeff Rolland got a sum of $3200.
  6. Brian Vazquez could not manage earnings above $2515 and got only 30 POY points.
  7. In the end, Jewel Goodman only earned a nominal amount of $2005 with a sum of 15 POY points. 

The whopping amount of $5,000 assure becomes extra than magnified whilst 207 admissions have been made earlier than registration being closed beforehand. Constructing a very last prize pool of $20,080 was there as expected. The pinnacle 21 finishers have undoubtedly made the cash on this event also not to forget with the biggest percentage fruitful moving to the ensuing titleholder Rudy Vasquez. He managed to overthrow David Maddox and heads as much as stable the name is put forward and the pinnacle disbursement of whopping $5,384.

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