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Adda52 Poker

Adda52 Poker Rules to Play Poker Online

Add52 poker rules to play poker online are very similar to any other poker game. If you could understand the basics of texas hold em poker, you can easily understand the adda52 poker as both are the same. Therefore today in this article we will tell you about the basics of texas hold em poker or Adda52 poker.

Before we proceed with the basics of Adda52 poker rules, it’s very important to know what hands are and their ranks in poker. Therefore we will begin knowing everything about rules after knowing the hands and ranks of poker. In poker, there are ten hands. 


Basic rules Adda52
  1. The lowest rank is the high card. In this and the rank is decided with the help of the highest rank card out of five cards.
  2. The next higher rank is the pair of any same cards from two different suits.
  3. After that, the next higher rank is two pairs. In these hands, you will get two pairs. For example two kings and two queens.
  4. The next highest rank is three of a kind. In this hand, there would be three same cards of the same value. For example three Aces.
  5. Straight is the next higher hand. On this hand, you will get all the five kinds in sequence but from different suits.
  6. In the next higher rank you will get the set of five cards from the same suits but not in sequence. 
  7. The next higher rank is Full House. In this set of five cards, you will get three of a kind and one pair.
  8. The next higher-ranked hands are four of a kind. In these hands, all four same valued cards will be there from all four suits.
  9. The next higher hand is a sequence from the same suit. 
  10. The top or highest order rank is the set of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and ten from the same suit.

Basic rules 

The game starts when the player deposits their bets in the pot. Each player is dealt two hole cards or face down cards. After this, the third player from the dealer’s left side is to bet first. Before this, the two other players who come just in the first left and the 2nd left of the dealer, have bet before the game starts. The first left is known as small blind and the second left is known as the big blind. The betting amount of the big blind is always double to the small blind. 

After being blind, each player can bet, call, fold, raise, or all in. When the equal amount from each player gets deposited in the pot, the second round starts, and the three community cards are opened on the table. Just like this, the second and third round is completed and the fourth and fifth community cards are open on the table. Now the players who have the best hands out of seven cards (five on the table and two with each player ) wins the game but only when he accepts the challenge of the opponents.